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Omaha & Southwest Iowa's walking, talking, birth & baby manual

Delivering exceptional support is what we do. Nurturing families through pregnancy, birth & into those first sweet days is our expertise. It is our mission to fill the gaps in prenatal and postpartum care with exceptional, unbiased support, to help families achieve a fulfilling experience through this monumental transition. 

We take immense pride in supporting all individuals, all family structures & all birth-plans!

We are wholeheartedly supporting the Omaha Metro/Council Bluffs & surrounding rural areas.


As respected, professional, Certified Doula's, we pride ourselves in providing families with care, understanding, information & support throughout, during, and after the birthing process. We do this through physical support, emotional support, and informational support. Your initial meeting will help us tailor a package to fit your needs, as every pregnancy is different.

To schedule a complimentary consultation, or to learn more about The Barefoot Doula's services, contact us today!




Encouraging & Hands on

After your initial consultation, our expertise will be available to help you feel empowered, informed and totally at ease! We will support you prenatally, through your birthing time, and shortly after your birth.  We will also follow up with an in-home postpartum visit to make sure that you are healing well...physically and emotionally.  Let your anxieties and the fear of the unknown fall away knowing that you have your doula's knowledge and full support right in your back pocket! 


Compassionate & Informative

Need someone to talk to that understands the emotional roller coaster that is postpartum? A shower, a nap, or a nutritious snack while baby feeds? Can't quite figure out swaddling or that baby wrap you bought? The Barefoot Doula's got you!! We are those extra, helping hands and we are here for you! We will help guide you and give you the tools necessary to feel confident in your parenting skills. Get extra, personal, unbiased support throughout this, sometimes overwhelming, time. We understand that these moments won't last long, and we want to make certain that they are enjoyed and can be remembered as a joyous time in your life.


Evidence Based & Modern 

Get ready to learn.  These are not your boring, antiquated classes, friends! These are unfiltered, FUN , and interactive classes! If you are wanting to know the ins and outs of  breastfeeding, childbirth or how to care for your newborn, we've got just the classes for you! With flexible scheduling, and customizable classes to meet your needs, this easily digested information is sure to make your confidence grow so that you will be prepared and ready to meet your baby!


Informational & Streamlined 

Trying to prepare for your birth but not sure where to start? Not sure what your options even are? Not sure what to include in your birth plan? We can help! We know ALL the topics and ALL the evidence based information to get your birth planned and formatted in a  beautiful, easy to read, visual document.

Infant Feeding Support

Innovative & Unbiased

If you have feeding goals you would like to tackle and are needing extra support, you have found the right place! Whether you are breastfeeding, formula feeding or introducing solids, our Certified Infant Feeding Specialist can help. This service fills the gap between successfully feeding your infant to needing medical intervention or an IBCLC.

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