Joining Forces


Angela and Sarah have been working as a team since 2019 and they don't plan on looking back! These two compassionate, birth & baby gurus, absolutely love working together and believe that working as a team creates a more comprehensive experience for their clients. Sarah and Angela believe that there are several benefits to hiring a doula team, as opposed to a solo doula, and they are here to tell you why!

  • ​Two doulas = Twice the information

  • Twice the support! You get to know both doulas on a personal level so you are comfortable no matter who shows up to your birth

  • No added cost to your contract

  • Peace of mind knowing you get a well rested doula no matter what day your birth lands on

  • Less doula burn-out. Doulas are able to switch out at long births

  • Combined experience

  • Twice the dependability with quick responsiveness to questions/concerns

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