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Meaningful Baby Shower Gifts: Not just another receiving blanket

As the world pivots and shifts through this pandemic, I got to thinking about postpartum parents and how we, as a society, can shift and pivot for them. Anyone who has ever had a new baby brought into their home knows how trying those first few days, weeks or even months can be. We so creatively came up with the idea of gathering and showering the baby with gifts. These showers have turned into, sort of, a rite of passage. With cakes, games, decorations and gifts, all centered around the baby and what the baby might need (or look cute in). What if we shifted the shower? What if we shifted the focus to the birthing parent?

Hear me out.

I know, that baby showers are very helpful to new, and even seasoned parents. It is a way for loved ones to feel as if though they have helped welcome the new baby and it is also a way for parents to get things that they maybe cannot afford to purchase on their own. Win + win!

I must admit, there are times I have gone to baby showers and have come up empty on what to get. Sure, there are always diapers, wipes, and butt cream that can be purchased but I want to give a meaningful gift. Something that is REALLY going to help. Something that the parents will really appreciate. Diapers: while practical, don’t scream “I want to help you feel loved and supported”.

So, lets shift our focus! Let us focus on the parents. How can we make them feel supported and loved while still gifting something useful? Enter the baby-prep party….nesting party….countdown party….call it whatever you want, but I have some ideas for things to do at these parties that can help parents feel like they are REALLY prepared for this little bundle to make its debut! Here are four non-traditional shower ideas that you can gift to your loved ones who are awaiting their new baby:

Meal preparation:

How wonderful would it be to have a stash of meals ready to stick in the oven for a warm and nourishing meal without having to do any of the work? We all know that a newly postpartum mother isn’t thinking about groceries or what she will be cooking for her next meal. She should be laying in a warm comfortable bed snuggling and bonding with her baby.

Gifting of a postpartum doula:

This is obviously my favorite option 😉 Postpartum doulas can be useful in so many ways. They are the experts in postpartum. The ultimate postpartum guru, if you will. Gurus in postpartum recovery, postpartum emotions, newborn care, breastfeeding/bottle feeding assistance and even a helping hand with household tasks. This is an even more amazing gift to someone who may not have family close that can help. Oooor, maybe they do have family close but would prefer expert care without any personal baggage!

House cleaning/organization party:

Deep clean the house, launder the baby clothes, organize the nursery, organize the pantry. Whatever household tasks that need to get done, get done! What a massive relief to bring your baby home to a clean and organized house!

Sibling activity kits:

Jump on Pinterest and there are a gazillion different ideas to keep the siblings entertained with crafts and games. Prepare some different activities for the littles and throw them in a tote to only be brought out after baby arrives. It is a fun “gift” for the siblings and helps the parents out at the same time!

So, next time you are invited to a baby shower, shift your thoughts to celebrating the parents and nurturing them in their new role. Bring a freezer meal, hire house cleaning services, start a meal train, or contact The Barefoot Doula for a gift certificate in postpartum services 😊 Be creative, you may just start a new trend.

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