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Hot baths, hot tubs, saunas; oh, my!

Picture this: You are 33 weeks pregnant. You have been on your feet all day. It is the dead of winter, it’s snowing outside, and you are exhausted. All you can think about it slipping into a hot bath and relaxing your joints while you let the water warm up your body like a big fluffy blanket right out of the dryer. Then out of nowhere someone says to you, “You can’t take a hot bath! YOU’LL OVERHEAT THE BABY!”. As if the hot water will cook your baby like a thanksgiving turkey. Sounds… disturbing! Turns out it is not true, just like many other “old wives’ tales”. WHEW!

Of course, you can take a bath during pregnancy! In fact, many women even give birth in the tub! If the water is hot enough to burn your skin, then yes, it is too hot. But I do not know of anyone that gets in a tub of boiling hot water that burns your skin? Doesn’t sound very relaxing.

Now there is a tidbit of truth to this myth. More specifically when it comes to hot tubs and saunas. How is a hot tub any different than a hot bath, you ask? Well a hot tub has a temperature gauge that keeps the water at a specific temperature consistently. A typical household bathtub doesn’t have that function; therefore, it cools down fairly quickly. If you sit in a hot tub or a sauna for too long it could raise your body temperature and make you overheated; we do not want that.

So, go run a hot bath and relax your tired, pregnant body until your skin gets wrinkly and pruned. We promise…you won’t cook your baby 😉

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