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Changing Station Tips: Preparing for the poo..

So you’re nearing the end of pregnancy and your little squish will be here soon…we are getting down to the wire! The nursery is painted and decorated-check! Now you are ready to start organizing! My favorite part!! Organizing my own children's nurseries was my absolute favorite…weird, maybe? Nah, because if you’re reading this blog I'm willing to bet that you are a planner and a preparer, just like me *wink*

When it comes to organizing the nursery and preparing for life with a newborn, getting a changing station prepared, is at the top of the list! Why? Because, babies poop….a lot. Getting the changing space in order now will be so useful for all of those middle of the night changes. No one wants to go searching for wipes and diaper cream when you are sleep deprived and your baby is hangry!

A changing station does not have to be anything fancy! There are many different options for changing stations. You can buy an actual changing table- and elevated piece of furniture with shelves for storage, or you can simply use your baby’s dresser and secure a changing pad to the top. You can use the first one or two drawers to discretely hold all of the changing necessities. Now, with all of that said, I can assure you that you will also be changing your baby’s diaper on the floor and bed, too! Since this WILL happen, a useful tip is to have a caddy full of baby changing items and keep it where you spend most of your time!

Now, lets talk about the items that you might need for your changing station and your caddy:

· Diapers (Do I even need to say this? Yes, yes I do. Never underestimate mom-brain!)

· Diaper rash cream

· Wipes (and a wipe warmer if you choose to keep the wipes warm for the booty)

· Diaper rash cream applicator (these things are amazing tiny silicone spatulas for spreading on diaper rash cream without getting it in your fingernails)

· Burp cloths-sometimes babies spit up during diaper changes and you may need something to wipe their tiny sensitive faces with. They can also be used to lay over little boy parts while you get the diaper ready- did you know little boys like to pee everywhere when you take off their diapers? #boymomtip

· Olive/coconut oil-Why? The first few days of life outside the wom, baby’s poop (meconium) is very sticky and tar-like. Using a little oil will help make cleanup smooth and easy-breezy! We don’t want baby’s bottom getting sore from wiping too hard!

· Extra onesies-there will be lots of changing going on!

· Extra changes of clothes/pajamas

· Extra changing pad covers

· Diaper pail/small trash can

· Hamper for dirty laundry

· Laundry stain remover- it's great to get the stain remover on the clothes immediately then you can toss them in the hamper!

· Extra receiving blankets/swaddlers-once baby is 'so fresh and so clean' you can swaddle them right back up with a clean blanket

· Hand sanitizer-Because, poop.

Have fun and be creative with your space! Transitioning into parenthood tends to go much more smoothly if you’re prepared and organized.

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