Meet Angela
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Angela Kommer: Owner | Founder of Downtown Doula of Omaha


Angela is an outgoing, positive, and fun-loving person who believes being a birth doula is her calling. This mother of three understands birth can feel like walking into the unknown. From giving birth as a young, single mother; to having a loving, supportive partner through her second and third births, she has compassion for the needs of laboring mothers and their partners; whoever that partner may be.

Growing up a “military brat”, with two adopted siblings, in a colorful, mixed family has given Angela a different perception of family dynamics. At a young age her family was stationed in Spain when they got orders to Offutt AFB in Nebraska; and as the saying goes, “Once you get on it, you can’t get Offutt”, thus she has lived in the Omaha area ever since and believes herself to be a true Nebraska girl!

Angela is an avid reader; an aspiring “woods-woman”, loves camping, believes there’s a tea for EVERYTHING, and if hot tea can’t fix it, a glass of wine with some chocolate can! This year she celebrates eleven years with her best friend and husband, Philip, and is learning to embrace, being a mother of a high schooler, and two elementary school girls.. who believe they know everything.

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  • Certified Labor Doula 

  • Certified Hypnobabies Hypno-Doula

  • Certified Infant Feeding Specialist

  • Infant Feeding & Newborn Care Educator

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