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Sarah McDermott: Owner | Founder


If you are looking for a “best friend” or “sister” type of person to add to your birth team, but without the baggage;

Sarah is your girl!!


Sarah is a walking, talking birth and baby manual! What is even better? Through her nurturing spirit, she will listen to your needs and desires and help YOU decide what works best for your situation and family dynamics. In the birth room, Sarah has a unique ability to read the room, meet her clients exactly where they are and fine-tune her support accordingly. Peace, calm, comfort and maybe some humor, are some of the things that she will bring to your birth space. Sarah truly has a gift for pouring herself into her clients and supporting them through all the ups, downs, and unknowns of birth and parenting. She believes that being totally unbiased and non-judgmental is the first step to helping families reduce fear and feel empowered. With Sarah’s professional commitment and maternal touch, you are sure to feel at ease while you navigate this monumental transition. 


Outside of being a rock star Doula, Sarah has been married to her partner in crime, Jason, since 2004 and together they have three rowdy and rambunctious boys! She is a podcast junkie that loves being barefoot, gardening, being a dog-mom to her only girl, June, camping, and Netflix binging.  Sarah founded and  established The Barefoot Doula in 2018.



  • Licensed, former EMT 

  • ProDoula Certified in Labor and Postpartum & Infant Care

  • Certified Hypnobabies Hypno-Doula

  • Newborn Care and Childbirth Educator

  • Certified (AHA) Infant CPR Instructor 

Procertified Doula
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